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Formerly St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Our Services A - Z - Clinical Psychology Department

About the service

The Clinical Health Psychology team supports people whose physical health condition and /or medical treatment is negatively affecting their psychological wellbeing. Our clinical aim is to reduce distress. Our team are trained to help you understand these difficulties. We offer a variety of methods of psychological support including psychological therapy aimed at supporting you to manage the impact of your health condition so that you can maintain your quality of life.

“The staff in your Clinical Psychology department are amazing. They’re so friendly and I always feel at ease when I visit. This is an extremely valuable service and I’m grateful to have had access to it.”

We support people with a range of difficulties related to their health condition, including:

  • Difficulty coming to terms with, or adjusting to a diagnosis
  • Struggling to cope with uncertainty or life-changes brought about by illness
  • Feelings of anxiety, trauma or depression related to physical health
  • Struggling to cope with cognitive, functional and / or physical changes related to a health condition (e.g. memory problems, speech and language difficulties, movement limitations, appearance concerns)
  • Managing symptoms (e.g. pain, fatigue, nausea) related to a health condition and / or medical treatment
  • Anxiety about coping with forth-coming medical or surgical procedures
  • Decision-making about treatment or elective procedures
  • Making lifestyle changes that maintain and improve health

Psychologists are not medical doctors or psychiatrists, therefore we cannot prescribe medication. We use a range of evidenced-based methods of psychological support including talking therapies to best meet the needs of each individual.

What people are saying about us

By being given the opportunity to engage in psychology always me to continue to work on myself and become a better version of myself. It also allows me to provide for my children and a space to feel vulnerable in a structured and professional way. Thank you”

"Very professional, confidential service with caring empathetic attitudes."

"Dr Spinosa, thanks for all your time and effort in supporting me through my cancer journey. I honestly don't think I could have done it without you! x"

"Dr Spinosa is so patient and kind when approaching my treatment. I feel I am making excellent progress thanks to all her work with me"

“Therapy helped me to take control and for me to decide when to ‘back off’, before my usual patterns did that for me. I’ve realised that this isn’t being lazy, and for once I am putting my health first.”

“When I accepted the offer of therapy with clinical psychology I was expecting you to be helpful but aloof. However right from the moment me met, your friendly approach made me feel safe.”

“I am incredibly grateful to you, your department and the health authority for the time and care you’ve given me”

“Just to share that one of our patients has made massive improvements to her diabetes management and she put it down to the support she received from psychology. As always thanks for the incredible support that you all offer”

Received via patient feedback

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Page last updated on 24th April 2024

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