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Formerly St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Infection Prevention and Control

We are an integrated team providing a 24 hour service, working with patients, staff and visitors to prevent healthcare associated infections. Please help us to prevent infections in our hospitals.

If you are a patient, we ask you to help us by:

  • Always washing your hands after going to the toilet and before meals
  • Asking staff before they touch you whether they have washed their hands. Don’t feel afraid to question staff, they should not mind being questioned
  • If you have a drip, drain or catheter, by not handling these yourself and if there is a problem with any of these, informing the nurse looking after you straightaway
  • Telling a member of staff if you notice anywhere that has not been cleaned properly such as the ward, bathrooms or toilets
  • Telling the staff caring for you as soon as possible if you have diarrhoea
  •  If you are prescribed antibiotics, by completing the course.

If you are a visitor, we ask you to help us by:

  • Not coming to hospital to visit if you are ill. You should be well for at least 48 hours before you visit
  • Cleaning your hands with hand sanitising gel (or soap and water) every time you enter of leave a ward
  • Not eating at the bedside or sitting on the bed whilst visiting patients
  • Asking the nurse in charge on the ward if you have any questions.

About the Team

Senior Team Members

  • Sue Redfern, Director of Infection Prevention & Control
  • Oonagh McGugan, Lead Nurse Infection Prevention & Control

Location and Contact details

We are based in St Helens and Whiston Hospitals.

If you have any concerns or would like more information, please contact your ward manager (Hospital switchboard: 0151 426 1600) or the infection control nurses on 0151 430 1384 or 0151 430 2452 (direct lines).

Additional information

Please provide any additional or supporting information.

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