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Formerly St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

St Helens

We are continuing to work with clinicians, CMCA and other key stakeholders to ensure a smooth launch of a new breast pain clinic. For further information, please click the “introduction of a breast pain clinic” link below.

The several pathway changes were initially prompted by the development of the Faster Diagnostics Standard, which is mandated to be in place for all cancer pathways by March 2024.

This standard indicates that patients who are referred on an urgent cancer pathway should be advised of a diagnosis of cancer, or that cancer has been ruled out, within 28 days of referral from their primary care practitioner.

Additionally, the NHS England Planning Guidance for 2024 has prioritised the adoption of faecal immunochemical testing (FIT) to be undertaken in primary care as a precondition of referrals for asymptomatic colorectal cancer.

You will find more detail relating to each pathway by following the links below.

Adapting to these changes to these three pathways was made more straightforward for practices in St Helens and Knowsley by the simultaneous introduction of pro-forma templates within the Accenda Gateway system.

The templates automatically populate with relevant data from the patient record, and include appropriate prompts to ensure that the referrals sent on to the hospital are as fully detailed as possible. This will mean that your patients can be triaged more quickly and moved on to appropriate treatment pathways.

Your place teams will provide training and support where needed.


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